3 Best Video Game Book Tie-ins

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Video games and books have one very important thing in common. They are, in my opinion, the best media to experience a world, and the best to build one. So naturally, many writers have built upon video game worlds and the stories therein. From the incredible worlds created by the likes of Bioware, Bethesda, and other top studios, authors are able to dive into the untold stories that lie beneath. In this post I’ve assembled my favorite Video Game Tie-in books in no particular order.

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Will PCs ever replace consoles?

So Many Parts......

So Many Parts……

The short answer? No.¬†At least not the same kind of PC I’m using to tap out this post. For years the PC gaming community have claimed superiority over the “peasants” still playing games on consoles. After all, a well-built PC is ridiculously more powerful than any current console, and can be upgraded without buying an entire new system. In certain cases, the $400-500 it costs to buy a new console could be used to build a more powerful PC instead, allowing games to be played with higher frames per second, higher resolution textures, and even a higher resolution overall. So, in reality, PCs are great and much more bang for the buck in comparison to consoles. So why do I say PCs will never replace consoles?

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