An Hour With: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Another WW2 shooter? Oh joy. But wait, this is an alternate history WW2 shooter? Fair enough then! I thought I’d use this as a way to get through my backlog also, and what better way to do that than to play all the damned shooters I’ve bought.

Turning Point: Fall of Liberty takes place following the events of what would have happened if Churchill had died in the car crash in 1931. That’s an interesting enough concept for me, I think that’s fantastic! I love history and alternate history is also as intriguing to me, so this seems like a perfect game for me. I’m surprised by this game before I’ve even started it. Codemasters are notorious for their sub par and poor games, and it seems they’ve came up with a genuinely interesting plot for a game with a nice way of setting it up so that everyone can enjoy it. Unfortunately if you know a good chunk about history (like I do), it opens up a lot of paradoxes and problems. For example, Pearl Harbour. Did that happen in this game? I mean, if it did then the Americans would’ve been involved in WW2, if it didn’t then it’s never mentioned. It’s a good plot but a lot of it is left untouched and that’s a real shame for history nerds like me.

That gets thrown out the window when you sit down to play the game though. Much like the sub par to poor Codemasters games, this is unfortunately one of them (so far). I’m on the third mission right now, playing on normal, to be quite honest it would’ve been easier to play on the Insane difficulty. The AI is ridiculously stupid, many of which try throwing grenades, only to find out that they’ve only thrown them two feet and blow themselves (and their squad) up. To be honest I found this extremely hilarious and helpful at the same time as it saved me some ammo which is always a positive.

Weapons wise in the game, it’s nothing special. You have an MP50, M1 Garand, Gewer 47 and Thompson. That’s it so far. I’m not sure if you get any other weapons further on in the game but that’s what you get for the majority of the hour I played. I did get a carbine of some description, think of Father Grigori’s shotgun but a lot more rifle-y, and that seemed to do a pretty good job of killing Nazi’s so I just used that for the entire time I played. Don’t even bother trying to aim at anything, it’s abysmal. Good lord it’s horrible how bad it is, I can’t even describe it, the sensitivity goes from being too fast to being too clunky to being too slow all in the span of four seconds which makes the shooting and combat in this game awfully horrible.

Another thing about the combat is the melee system the game seems to have invented. Wherein you hit the B button when near an enemy to trigger a scene in which you’re given a menu to select what you would like to do to your target, what time you would like to do it at and which location. Basically you get the choice out of using the target as a human shield (which is useless) or insta killing him, which shows your character give the Nazi a swift uppercut and be on his way.

Achievement wise the game is fairly good. Not only do you get 20G for each mission completed but there’s also a few other achievements that are fairly easy to get and I will probably end up finishing this game off at some point. Either that or I’ll burn it.

In all seriousness the game isn’t too bad, it certainly isn’t good from what I’ve played but to be honest if you can get the game for a few quid then you’ll get your moneys worth. A sub par, albeit semi decent plot with a hell of a lot of mechanics that were poorly executed.

Or you know, you could just play Call of Duty…


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