Achievement Unlocked! – Level 22

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 3 – 4 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

Oh count your lucky, lucky, lucky stars. This game is good and it’s an easy 1000G. We’re taking another break from playing games like Roblox and King Kong again to focus on a game I picked up a while ago solely for achievements. I was surprised as to how fun it was. So, on with the game.

I’m going to guide you through the entire game. All four worlds of it, with all the collectables and everything. It’s primarily a stealth game, but if I can do a stealth game, everyone can.

First off, hit the start button on your controller. There’s 10G for you. I wish I was joking, but I’m not.

That was fairly easy, so fire up the game and actually begin to play. This is where we need to begin getting the collectables, with one in every level, and then an achievement for collecting them all. This includes both statues and the safes, which are both contributions towards the achievements.

World 1-1

Now a cutscene should play, you can watch that or skip it, it doesn’t matter what you do. Walk to the right and you’ll get a phone call from your friend. You’ll be told to walk alongside the wall and sneak past a guard. Walk along the left hand side of the wall and you’ll see a person typing away at their desk. There will be an empty desk with an access card on it. Hit the A button to pick this up. Directly behind the worker is a wall safe. Clicking A will facing this will prompt you to enter a code. The code is 010213. Input the code correctly and you’ll pick up a “Secret”. Head to the far right and you’ll see a black door. Just to the right of this door is “THE DARK BAT” statue, pick it up. This will unlock:

Just inside the door is a worker. Don’t let him spot you. He will walk back and forth between his desk and the copy machine. When he leaves his desk, run inside the room and to the right. At the far right of the room is a double door, which you need the key card to open. Press right on the d-pad to open it and head through the door to the next level.

World 1-2

Head to the left and use the open closet to avoid being seen by the worker. Move past him and up through the door. Head left from this door to find the next safe. Input the code, which is 050886. Now there are three workers facing the same direction as the path you are on. The third worker keeps falling asleep so use this timing as you move past him. Head through the door and up to grab a newspaper, this will make some enemies not see you, acting as cover basically. You can use the newspaper by hitting right on the d-pad. Slowly inch your way across the room, using the newspaper as cover and head to the bottom right of the room. The bottom right desk in the room has the Clawverine statue on it, head over to it, hit A and get the next statue and achievement.

Now it’s just a simple stroll to the exit and onto the next level.

World 1-3

Walk to the left door and wait until you can see the security guard above you. When he turns around, follow him through a few doors and then hide in the left corner when he turns round, when he passes you, head up and pick the doughnut up. Now head to the snack machine above you. Stand to the right of it and use the prompt button to kick it to the left hand side. This will reveal the safe, the code being 220584. Head back to the left and down to the starting area, using the same strategy as last time. Head up the middle hallway towards the guard blocking the door.  Drop a doughnut in his eyesight and hide, he’ll walk towards the doughnut and begin eating it, so use this time to slip around him and enter the next doorway. Stand to the right of the food machine and hit the prompt button to kick it to the left so you’re able to head up and grab the newspaper. Head into the vent and go around and down to the vent exit. While in the vent you’ll see a worker at the photocopier, while he’s distracted, go to the left wall and up into the small room using the newspaper along the way to avoid the workers. Inside of this room is the statue, pick it up:

Leave this room, head up the hallway without being seen and exit the level.

World 1-4

Sneak around the bloke near the vent and enter it. Head to the right and head all the way around until you fall and find a cardboard box. You can become Solid Snake with this box, using it means they can’t see you. But if you move while in someones eyesight, you’ll be spotted. Along with if anyone touches the box, which I don’t think ever happened to me, ever. Sneak back down the hallway using the box to hide in. Head to the left and the workers will keep falling asleep, when they go to sleep, inch slowly ahead, if they wake up and you’re moving you’ll instantly fail so take your time here. After you get past them all, grab a doughnut off of the last guys desk while he sleeps and head to the bottom left corner behind him where the tissues are. Just south of the tissues there is a hidden room that leads to the next safe. Enter the code 140783. If you’ve entered all the codes thus far, the following achievement will unlock:

Head back up and into the next vent, you will fall back into the room you started in. Go down into the door below you and drop the doughnut to the left of the closet. Hide in the closet until the worker walks past, when he passes, run to the end of the room and grab his access card. Use the box to sneak past him and head up to the access doors. You’ll see the exit. Don’t leave yet. Go to the left down the skinny hallway, at the end of the hallway is a vent with the next collectable then.

Collect this and exit the level.

World 1-5

So unlike the rest of the levels, every Level 5 is a boss fight. This one is probably the most annoying one, there’s no collectables or safes, nothing whatsoever. Just above you there’s 4 conveyor belts with metal detectors. There are boxes of bombs and staplers, pick up one of each. The trick here is to throw a stapler in either the far left or far right metal detector. The guard will zoom towards it to check out the noise, as soon as he reaches the object, throw an explosive down the conveyor belt directly next to the one you just used. If you time it right the explosive will hit the guard and damage him for 1/4 of his health. At this time guards will come looking for you. Hide in the middle closet you saw earlier for about 20 seconds when they give up looking for you. Repeat this process a total of 4 times until the guard is defeated and you can then simply walk up and out.

World 2-1

Sneak up and right towards the vending machine, kick it to the side to reveal a hidden vent. Climb through and you’ll end up in the janitors bathroom. Wait for the bathroom to empty and head into the third stall, someone stuck one of the collectables in the shitter. Pick it up. Do it. There’s an achievement in it.

In the bottom right of this room you can walk through the lower wall to reach the small hidden safe room just below. The code for this safe is apparently random. I bet you’re panicking now aren’t you. The doubt of starting this game has set in. The code is actually 05071X, X being 1 through 9. Head north into the vents in the bathroom and exit out the other side. You should be standing next to a coffee machine, grab one out of the machine and take it with you. Coffee is used to break shit. If you throw a coffee at a printer or a generator or probably a spoon then it’ll break for the rest of the level, the effects of the coffee don’t wear off.

Just like real life. Anyway.

Backtrack to the bathroom through the vent and head back to the vending machine you moved earlier. Head north and all the way around the room until you see a copy machine in the lower left area of the room. A worker will be walking back and forth between this machine, wait until he goes, throw the coffee onto the photocopier. When he comes back he’ll be distracted and you can slip by unnoticed and through the exit.

World 2-2

Walk to the left of this large open area. There’ll be a person watching the TV and the collectible is on the table in front of him, if you inch towards it you can pick it up without him noticing.

Head down and out through the double doors. Sneak past the clerk and up into the left most of the two doors. Walk around the worker at his desk and into the door that is just down and right from him. Sneak up and you will see a pill bottle on a desk along the right wall. This is a laxative, take it and backtrack back towards the start of the level. Head straight down from the level start past a sleeping worker and towards the coffee machine. Grab a coffee and head to the wall safe you see on your left. The code here is 297414. Backtrack towards the sleeping worker. Just below him is a worker who constantly gets up from his desk. When he is away drop a laxative in his coffee and watch him run to the bathroom. Now head all the way up to the copy machine just to the left of your starting room. Drop a coffee on it and wait for the worker to be distracted and sneak past him. At the end of his hallway is a rubber band slingshot. Grab it and head back south past the sleeping worker you saw earlier. Head right this time and you will see a guy watching the exit. Hit him with the slingshot and walk around him to escape.

World 2-3

To start this level walk a few feet to the right and wait for two workers to get up from their desks and walk down a little hallway. When they are gone, walk all the way to the right of this room (past two sleeping workers) and head to the north wall. Grab a coffee and do not be seen by the worker who wakes up for a moment to grab himself a coffee. The two workers who left will return momentarily. Take note which computers are theirs. Whey they leave again throw a coffee on the desk of the walking worker closest to you and then head to the bottom of this room and grab another coffee to throw on the other workers computer. When they get back to their desks, run between them and down the little hallway they keep heading down. At the end of this hall will be a huge book. Leave this hallway and head straight up from the exit towards a worker with his back turned to you. Knock him unconscious with the book. Workers do not stay unconscious forever. You will see stars above their head while knocked out. They start with 4 stars and every few minutes a star will go away. When the last star is gone the guy will wake up. That makes this next section time sensitive technically but you have a lot of time to pull it off. Just above this guy is a small room to your right with the next collectible.

Head back towards the first sleeping worker we stole the access card from. Just to the left of him is a 2-wheel dolly. Place all 3 packages on this dolly and shove it into the glass to the left to create a new passage. Stick to the above wall and creep up towards the guard. Use the slingshot to distract him from the farthest distance the game will allow you to do so. Be sure to be standing against the north wall when you do so. While he is distracted you have a few precious moments to run down into the door below you and back up the door to your right to grab the next collectible before he turns around. Grab this and run back out the door towards the exit just below.

World 2-4

From the start, walk up and you will see a worker who keeps falling asleep at his desk. While passed out, grab the access card he is looking at. Then head back down the way you came and head right towards the access doors. Enter using the card. Sneak past the two workers in here (using the closet to hide if needed) to grab a heavy blue package and a rubber band slingshot. Once you have both items in this room exit and head to the bottom right corner of the map. Head north towards a sleeping worker. While he is passed out, grab a 2nd heavy blue package and head back to the start. Next head down and stand just behind the worker staring at the 3rd blue package you need. Hit him with the slingshot and run out of the room and hide quick. He will be slow to turn around to investigate. Once he does head in and grab the last box. While here knock the vending machine over and input 711825 into the wall safe behind it. You will have to be quick at this because the worker will turn around after a few seconds but there IS enough time to grab both the box and loot the safe before he turns.

Head back towards the first sleeping worker we stole the access card from. Just to the left of him is a 2-wheel dolly. Place all 3 packages on this dolly and shove it into the glass to the left to create a new passage. Stick to the above wall and creep up towards the guard. Use the slingshot to distract him from the farthest distance the game will allow you to do so. Be sure to be standing against the north wall when you do so. While he is distracted you have a few precious moments to run down into the door below you and back up the door to your right to grab the next collectible before he turns around. Grab this and run back out the door towards the exit just below.

World 2-5

Another boss fight, this one isn’t bad. Took me a hell of a long time though. You have to fight your boss. But don’t let him spot you. Grab the book at the top of the room. The goal is to whack your boss unconscious with the book and quickly kick one of his 3 computers that are around the room before he wakes up. The computers need three kicks to completely break, so hit the boss once, kick the computer three times and then hide from your boss (and employees) view. Every time you break a computer run back to the hallway you started in. Hit your boss round the head, clip him with the fucking book, break the computer, rinse and repeat until all the computers break. When you’ve done this, the access doors to the left will open, a worker will walk out. Wait for him to walk away and slip through the doors.

World 3-1

Sneak to the left using car trunks to hide in to avoid being seen. Once you reach the far left wall, walk north keeping a wall to your left. You will come across two black doors. Take the left door and inside of this room behind a plant is a safe with the combination of 321310. Loot the puzzle piece here and leave this room back through the door you came in. Ignore the 2nd door and sneak up the hallway just to the right of the two doors. You will find a vent cover at the end of this hallway. Take it around and you will fall down right on top of a donut. Grab one as usual. Head left and down to the end of this hallway and you will find a hidden collectible behind a shelf of boxes and supplies.

Walk back to the donuts and head in the black door. When the guard looks down/right place a donut against the wall so he will see it when his head moves back. As soon as you place it, run back up and grab another donut. You only have a few seconds to grab this and sneak behind him and back to the main parking area. After leaving this room head down and left to find a barrel of radioactive waste. Place your extra donut in this waste to get a radioactive donut. Now head back up to the two doors and this time head in the right door. Place the donut on the floor and wait for the guard to eat it. He will get sick and pass out allowing you free access past him to the exit.

World 3-2

Walk up and right down the line of cars towards the bathroom and grab the access card in the farthest stall from the door. Then make your way all the way to the other end of this hallway to the double doors requiring the access card to enter. Make sure the conveyor belt on the left is on. If not, hit the button next to it to start it. Stand next to it and hit A to get a ride to its end. Grab the laxative from this room and then head into the vents. Follow it around taking the following directions at each fork: right, up, up, left, down. This will take you to the collectible in this level.

Next backtrack straight up to fall through the vent and end up back in the main room. Head back to start. Walk left and use the laxative on the box of donuts on the desk by the worker. Use the closets to avoid being seen as he doesn’t look away for long. Grab a laxative donut and head back towards the bathroom but head up instead of into the bathroom this time. You will see a guard standing next to a conveyor control and a wall safe. Place the donut directly in front of him and wait till he runs to the bathroom. The wall safe code is 242526. Hit the conveyor to start (make sure it is flowing TOWARDS the exit, if not, start the belt again) and hastily run all the way back to the main room on the left. Stand on this conveyor to be transported directly to the exit.

World 3-3

This level reminds me of the coal mines that Margaret Thatcher closed down. Pitch black and nobody can see any light or joy in the level.  Sneak to the left avoid the guards and take the LAST door on the left. Walk up and you will see 3 doors on the north wall. Take the 3rd door and loot the rubber band slingshot. Leave this room and take the door just to the left of this one and go up through another door. You will see another 3 doors on the north wall. Take door number 3. Finally another 3 doors. Door number 1 and 2 both take you to the same place so either are good. Head north then follow the path right and then down. Use the slingshot to distract the guard to move past him. Walk to the end of this hall to the right and enter the vent. You will drop into a room. Head north and walk along the conveyor belt to the right. You will see a button to press that you can not reach. Hit this button twice using the slingshot and walk to the top most belt. Get on and ride it to the top. Directly above you is another button to slingshot twice and ride the next belt. You will be standing next to a large book used to knock out guards. Grab this. Remember this location and how you got here, we will return later. Hit the lower button twice to reverse the belt. Now we will have to reverse the belt that got us into this room in the first place. Use the right most belt to head to the switch that was previously unreachable. Hit it twice to reverse the original belt and walk along the right wall to slingshot the belt in this room to let you travel back. After you have travelled down all the belts, head south and knock out the guard at the door. Exit this door and head up the middle hall, distract the guard to your left with the rubber band and head in the door while he is distracted. Knock him out. Then travel around to the left and above the next guard and knock HIM out. Grab the collectible on the desk.

Walk up and you will see 2 buttons in this hall. The left button hit 3 times to make the belt head up, ignore the right button (is this getting annoying yet). Next travel south and left to the long up and down belt. Travel up this and you will see another button just next to the exit. DO NOT EXIT YET. Hit this button twice (make sure the yellow buttons on the switch are on the right at this point). Backtrack back to the room with the book. Now the belt that was on your left is flowing the opposite direction. Take this belt to the next safe with a code of 224445. The vent next to the safe takes you right to the exit.

World 3-4

From the start head down and then left towards the hallway with the fire extinguisher in it. At the end of this hall is a rubber band slingshot. Avoid the worker and grab this and head back to start. See the guard to the right watching his door like a hawk? Slingshot him over the wall from underneath and run around inside to unlock the safe. 131825 is the code this time.

Slingshot the guard again from the right and grab the box when he turns. Use the box to sneak back out of the room. Head down the belt and use the box so nobody sees you on it. Next hit the lower right button twice and jump on the next belt. Hit the guard to your left with a slingshot and then quickly hide in the box for the rest of your ride. The end of this hall will put you next to a long serpentine conveyor belt. Stand above the guard below you and slingshot him. Use the box to walk left and then head all the way south towards a large metal panel. Walk to the far right wall and you will see a worker in a tiny office by himself. Walk north along the far right hallway. You will see a skinny rectangle window in this room with the worker. He will soon leave to get coffee, when he does, grab the collectible from outside this skinny window.

All collectables and safes done for world 3 now. All that is left now is to escape. From this collectible hit the button just north of you twice (lights on the left). Head back to the large metal panel we saw earlier (lower left hand corner of the map) making sure to grab a coffee along the way. From this point timing is everything. Jump on the belt and slingshot the guard, then quickly change into the box. Time it just right so he turns while you are blocked from his view by the pillar. Ride this around till you see another button. Hit this twice with your slingshot fast and jump back into the box again before the 2 guards see you. When you almost reach the end slingshot the button to your right to reverse the belt and ride it all the way back to the beginning. Throw a coffee on this large metal panel to kill the lights. Ride the belt just below you to the exit and simply walk through now that the maintenance man is no longer blocking this door.

World 3-5

This is the easiest boss battle in the game. You will see a large shadowy figure and 3 furnaces. These furnaces open up and shed light in the room in a specific pattern. Left, Middle, Right, Middle then it repeats. Do NOT stand in the light or you will be seen. Walk straight up from the start to grab some explosives and then walk to the bottom right corner of the room (following the pattern of lights). Wait until the right most light goes out and then run over to the valve in the corner, turn this to release steam (blinding the figure) then run up and dump the explosive in his crate. Run back to the spawn point of this room and await him throwing it into a furnace to damage him. Do this a total of 4 times to defeat the boss and escape. Unlike the boss battle in 2-5, this does not get any harder between hits. It stays the exact same all for hits.

World 4-1

Start out walking north and kicking the two vending machines to block the view of the droids above you. Sneak to the right and up through the door. As soon as you exit the door head right through a secret passage and through the wall south towards the safe. Code is 182124. Leave this safe and head up and left and walk into the room with the droid walking in circles around the room. Follow him and grab a donut on your way around and then leave the room and head back to start. Now head left and then up keeping a wall to your left. You will see a guard walking left and right back and forth. Drop a donut in his path and run up towards the door from above. Walk down into the door and in the bottom right corner of this room is a newspaper. Grab it and sneak back out the way you came all the way back to the donut room you were in before. Grab another donut and leave the room. Use the newspaper to avoid the scientists and head right and then up the skinny hallway. At the end of this hall you will see a guard standing in a window with a radioactive waste barrel behind him. Use the donut on the barrel to get another radioactive donut. Drop it behind him and get his attention so that he sees and eats it. Once he’s knocked out grab the collectible he was standing on.

Now that he is passed out you have a time limit to escape. If he wakes up before you escape you have to repeat that last part knocking him out all over again. Head back to start and walk down the left path towards the newspaper guard. Instead of heading up this time head right and you will see a scientist walking up and down. Use the newspaper to sneak past him and head up and out the exit at the end of this hall.

World 4-2

To start this level head straight to the right and pick up the laxative on the table. Then head into the bathroom below you and grab the collectible in the farthest stall to the left.

So far so good. Head back to start and move down the door to the left. Drop a laxative in the workers coffee (hide so he wont see you while running to the bathroom). Grab the cardboard box from the room just below him. Head back to where you picked up the lax. Travel south (placing a laxative in the first workers coffee to dispose of him as well) and grab a coffee from the south most point of this section (use the closet and / or cardboard box to avoid being seen). Now head back to the bathroom. Travel through the south doors leading out of the bathroom and use the closet to avoid being seen. When the worker is watching to his left, throw a coffee on his computer to distract him. Head into the tiny room and use the 3D printer to print out yourself a lightsaber. Travel back to start now. Use the box and slowly travel across the windows above heading to the top right corner of the map. There are 7 windows and the guards always follow the same pattern. First there will be guards in windows 2, 3, and 6. Then only 4 and 5. Then a small break with no guards. They will repeat this pattern over and over making it easy to time your walks. Next head south down the new hallway and wait for the droid to face to the right and use the saber to knock him out. Where he was standing is a hidden button to control the conveyor belt above. Hit the button twice and travel up the belt to find the wall safe. 751125 is the code. The vent in this room is your ticket out. Travel through it and use the lightsaber again on the last droid to free the exit.

World 4-3

From the start take the path to your right and follow it around until you see some donuts. Sneak in and grab one. Take note of the heavy blue package being guarded by a maintenance worker on the right. Head south through the door and walk to the left. See the electrical panel? Remember this too. Drop a donut so the guard sees it and sneak past him and up in the door he was guarding and print off another lightsaber. Kill the android above you. Walk back to the electrical panel and use the lightsaber on it. Now travel to the right in the room above the panel and grab the blue package we saw earlier and head back to the starting point in the level. From the start, walk far right and you will see another heavy blue package sitting alone on a desk. Grab it and head back to start. Directly up and to the left from start is a room with 2 droids just walking around. Kill them both and take the 3rd blue package from this room. Now that we have all 3 packages head to the right from the starting point and you will see a 2-wheel dolly. Drop off all 3 packages and push the dolly to shatter the glass. Sneak inside and grab the rubber band slingshot from the bottom corner of this room. The collectible is in this room too. It is hidden just to the left of the glass you shattered. Walk to the wall on the left and head down into the wall. There is a hidden passageway to find him.

Now head back to the door that had the two droids we killed moments ago. Just to the left of them is another door. Head up and slingshot the droid from underneath him and while he is looking down, lightsaber him from the side. Enter 836773 into the wall safe and leave the room to head up the skinny hallway to your right. Walk up and left as far as you can. Slingshot the guard to get him to watch left. Be fast and run to the exit (hit the exit door on the guards right and he will not spot you even though you kinda have to touch him to get through).

World 4-4

Last normal level we have to worry about. First head left and down around this path towards the end. Sneak into the 2nd vent you see. Follow it around until you see a weak spot in the vent. Wait for the worker underneath you to fall asleep then fall through the vent. Print off a lightsaber and stand in the upper right corner of the room. For some reason, he will not see you here if you hold still. When he falls asleep again kick the vending machine to the left and exit the room. When you leave the room head to the right and up into the far right room. Kill the droid with your saber and grab the access card he was standing next to. Head back to start. Directly next to the starting point will be the access doors. Open them and you will see a worker who keeps getting up from his computer. When he isn’t looking, hit the computer with your saber to distract the worker. You are now free to grab the cardboard box he was guarding just below him and to the right. If you walk to the far left corner of this room you will see the last collectible on the other side of a wall. This room has a secret passage. Standing against the wall close to the collectible, head down, left, and then up to enter the room and grab this collectible as well as 2 other achievements.

Now we need to locate the safe and exit. Head out of this secret room and into the vents just above the secret path. Take the vents into the above room and lightsaber the droid. Now head back out the vents and back out the access doors. Use the cardboard box on the black/white striped area just outside of this room to be picked up by the maintenance man and taken to a new area. Walk left avoiding the sleeping guard and stand on the next black and white striped zone to be once again taken to a new spot. No need to kill this droid, just box walk above him to the next zone next to you avoiding the guard and maintenance man’s vision. You will be taken close to the exit this time. DO NOT EXIT. Instead, kick the vending machine to the left to find the last wall safe. The final code is 419715. Now simply exit the level and prepare for the final level.

World 4-5

Now it’s time to build some robots. Don’t ask me how that opens a door, it just does. You will see 3 different colored robots being built on a conveyor belt. One at a time these colored robots will spawn in the room with you (inside the colored door section) and your first task is to get one of them to chase you. The colors are red, green, and yellow. Any flying robot can fly through any color wall except their own. For instance, if a red robot follows you through the red wall, it dies. You are then free to pick up colored robot parts. Take whatever color you have (does not matter the order or color, only that they match) to the conveyor belt and when a robot is on the belt that matches your color, use the object to build a full robot. You must do this 6 total times and each time you do, more flying robots will spawn making the job harder and harder to accomplish. This is actually much easier done than said. For the first 4 “rounds” you can simply stand front and center at the conveyor belt and wait for your color. For the last 2 color matches you need they will send robots directly across the belt but you can simply walk around them as they come. All of these robots have a very predictable pattern and can be easily avoided. Once you have matched all 6 all robots will instantly die and the door will open. Now you get to watch a long cutscene of Gary approaching his desk and the credits will roll. Either watch the credits or hit B to skip them. The final achievement unlocked.

And there we go. Another 100% completion, and a really enjoyable one at that.


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