The Updownright team

Will Watlington

I’m Will. I created back in 2012. I act as the administrator and editor of the site. I also write for the website on a regular basis. I typically find myself more interested in the industry side of video games than most. You’ll often find me looking at strange things like video game companies financial reports or following the movement of important people throughout the industry.

Here’s some need-to-knows about me

  • If you want me to love you, buy me Chinese food
  • Don’t ever badmouth The Elder Scrolls in front of me
  • I am NOT a morning person
  • I need caffeine to live
  • My favorite song/album changes almost weekly

Ewan Gleadow

I’m Ewan, I’ve been writing for a good two years, started up my own blog and, well, here I am, moving on up in the world! Guessing you want to know a little about me don’t you? Well that’s too bad, I mean, you can have some things, such as the fact that I collect games, or my fear of heights, or the fact that I’m here, writing this post right now.

Before anyone asks, no, I’m not Ewan McGregor, I don’t bear any resemblance to him apart from the fact that we both have faces and hair.

Here’s some useless information about me:

  • My favourite game is Metal Slug 3.
  • My favourite film is Hot Fuzz
  • My favourite TV Show is Black Books
  • I’ve been writing for two years
  • I’ve got a fear of heights, ladders and spiders
  • I live in the lovely sunny place of “England”

There, that’ll do for now, you’ll probably find out a bit more later on and you can make a sticker book of things about me, someone should get to work on that actually.

Randy Tizen

I’m the resident PS4 fanboy of, and a stalwart defender of console gamers. Aside from that I loves to indulge myself in all types of nerdy stuff, including but not limited to:

  • sci-fi
  • cyberpunk
  • martial arts
  • movies.
  • Oh, and roasted chicken with maple syrup is the best thing you can eat. Ever.