Achievement Unlocked! – Level 22

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 3 – 4 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

Oh count your lucky, lucky, lucky stars. This game is good and it’s an easy 1000G. We’re taking another break from playing games like Roblox and King Kong again to focus on a game I picked up a while ago solely for achievements. I was surprised as to how fun it was. So, on with the game.

I’m going to guide you through the entire game. All four worlds of it, with all the collectables and everything. It’s primarily a stealth game, but if I can do a stealth game, everyone can.

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An Hour With: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Another WW2 shooter? Oh joy. But wait, this is an alternate history WW2 shooter? Fair enough then! I thought I’d use this as a way to get through my backlog also, and what better way to do that than to play all the damned shooters I’ve bought.

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Achievement Unlocked – Truth or Lies

Platform: Xbox 360
Time to Complete: 1 – 2 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

This game is good. Lie. 1000G please. Unfortunately it isn’t as easy as that, I wish it was, but no, we’re going to need one or two things. Firstly, you need the microphone that comes with the Lips games. Luckily I had two for whatever reason, but it’s the only way the game will work I believe.

Now then, starting the game you’ll need to calibrate your microphone and make an account name. Register eight separate names after calibrating your microphone to unlock three separate achievements:

Now that you’ve done these three. Exit out to the main menu, start-up a “Long Game” with two profiles.¬†With the first account, try to aim for always being truthful. The second account for lies. The voice calibration is awful and this system will probably fall through pretty quickly, just keep trying to make it truths for account 1 and lies for account 2.

The very first question, answer it in less than 6 seconds by filling the bar (stick the microphone to your throat and yell or something, that’s what I did) to unlock:

As this is on account 1, it should hopefully register as the truth, which will also unlock:

Now obviously use account 2, take more than 9 seconds to answer the question, this will unlock:

As you’ve told your first lie in the game (hopefully it worked) you will also unlock:

Now you’ll be onto your third question. For the next two achievements just let the timer run out. It’ll unlock you:

Do it twice more to unlock:

Now after doing all this round one should be over. If you managed to keep the truth to one account and the lies to the other than the following achievements should unlock:

Continue playing through this game and finish the long game. Now I don’t know about you but the game is so shit that you probably wont have unlocked, however when you finish the game then you’ll definitely unlock:

And if you’ve kept both accounts to the truth/lie formula, you should also unlock:

At this point what I did was say “Sod it, I’ll do the game achievements later” and went on to do the very easy Hot Seat achievements. To unlock these, all you need to do is answer all the questions in one round as a lie, then answer one as a truth, this will unlock you these four achievements:

After doing this, continue playing Hot Seat until you unlock:

Okay, so that’s Hot Seat done, now we’ve had a break from the Party Mode it’s time to go back to it and get the final few achievements done. It’s hit or miss once again and you may not have unlocked a few of the achievements beforehand but don’t worry, it wont take too long.

For “Choir of Angels” just make sure both players are answering truthfully at all times. The opposite will be done for “Morally Bankrupt”, wherein you need to answer with lies every time. Dubious should just come naturally anyway so don’t worry about that one.

Finally, the last achievement should also unlock along with these last achievements.

This should unlock when you go for the “Morally Dubious” achievement unless by random chance you end the game with both players on exactly the same points.

That’s it for Truth or Lies, there wasn’t too much word related stuff in that because the majority of the achievements will just come naturally. Anyway, congratulations on your new 1000G and completion of this bloody awful game.

Achievement Unlocked: 6180 The Moon

Platform: Xbox One
Time to Complete: 2 – 5 Hours
Gamerscore Available: 1000G
Gamerscore Achievable: 1000G

If you’re any good at platforming games, this will be no trouble for you. However I’m really terrible at them, so it took me five hours of on and off play before I finally sat down, thought “sod it” and went off to finish it. After weeks and weeks, I finally managed to complete it, and what a pain in the arse it was. I’m not a fan of platformers, unless it’s Super Mario, Crash Bandicoot or Spyro.

It starts off fairly easy and if I can 100% it then so can you, best of luck! I’ll link a video in case you need it but the majority of it is fairly straight forward.

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An Hour With: Dungeon Siege III

I’ve always enjoyed writing these posts, I get to play games I bought a while ago and never got round to playing. Not this time, this was free with Games with Gold. I just didn’t get round to playing it. Anyway, is it worth playing if you downloaded it for free, or is it worth buying? Or not. That’s the question I’m going to answer when I stop upping the word count for this article in the first paragraph. Maybe I’ll put a read more tag in the middle of this sen

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An Hour With: Mirrors Edge

I quite recently purchased this game and planned to play it over the weekend. I played Wolfenstein: The Old Blood over the weekend instead. No matter, I’ll play it now and be back in an hour.

Right, well then. That was something else. You can take that as good or bad, if you want to find out what my opinion is (which you probably don’t) then click the “Read More” thing, if I remember to put the bloody thing in.

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2K Games – The Most Dominant Games Developer

You’ve almost definitely played a game developed, made or released by 2K Games. Civilization V, XCOM: Enemy Unknown, WWE 2K14 and onwards, NBA, Borderlands, Bioshock Infinite, you name it, 2K Games somehow got their hands on it.

It seems they’ve got pretty much every gaming genre locked down, strategy, sport, shooter, dating simulator, literally any genre, they’ve probably done it. So they’re pretty much the biggest game developer, aren’t they? Well, sort of, yeah.

If you look at the most popular game series’ today, you’ll come across at least a good four or five game series that had 2K games involved in some way. Bioshock, Borderlands, Mafia II. The list goes on for a very long time. When we think about all the games they’ve been involved in, how did they do that? I mean, they’ve only been round just over 10 Years now, so how did they come to being a mega power in the gaming industry?

Well it’s quite simple actually. They make good games. You thought I was going to go into length about the ethics of video games and publishing rights and all that juicy stuff didn’t you? No, not today, that’s for a different post. They’ve got a franchise in mostly every platform. For every Elder Scrolls there’s a Borderlands, for every Age of Empires there’s a Civilization V, for every suspenseful, underwater utopia horror shooter, there’s Bioshock, for every pile of shit, there’s Evolve.

And to be quite honest, Evolve was the only blunder they’ve made. As long as we don’t count the Ghost Rider game for PS2. Every game company has its ups and downs though, but what they did with Evolve is disgraceful (all that damn DLC) and definitely a mark on an otherwise perfect record. Like I said, every gaming company has its ups and downs and 2K games has mainly been up, rather than down.

I honestly don’t think any other games company has come close to doing what 2K games has done. And what they’ve done is made a hell of a good company in such a short time with some amazing games. But what about companies like Bethesda and Activision? Some could argue that these are the true behemoths of the market, with Bethesda running two of the most critically acclaimed RPG’s in gaming history, and Activision releasing the same old shit year after year with no end in sight.

But what makes 2K so successful? I think for me, it’s probably because of the very pristine image that 2K have gotten over the years. It’s very difficult to trust game developers nowadays so the fact that we can trust 2K to deliver a functioning and good game surpasses all expectations. The fact that when they show off a game, we can put our worries to rest at the fact that we know 2K Games is going to bring us some top quality gameplay.

Now I must say, the only 2K game I’m really a huge fan of is Civilization V, I was never too keen on Borderlands, I’ve never played Bioshock and I have a copy of Mafia II that I still haven’t played yet. 2K games own about as many different franchises as EA, but are able to deliver new, fresh content every release they make. I think this has got to be something to do with how much they care about us.

I don’t mean individually, they couldn’t give a shit about our lives, but they give a shit about if we like the content they’re creating. A bit like me, I give a shit so I can find out if you like my content, but more or less, I don’t give a shit who reads it. I’m not saying I don’t like you, I’ve just never spoken to you so. Anyway, I’m getting off topic.

I’ve basically said all I can on the subject of why we like 2K Games. It’s because they give us quality games for quality prices and give a damn about whether or not we’re enjoying our time with the game. Unlike EA, they’re horrible.