Gamepad: New Year Resolution for Games

newyeareso  It’s that time of the year again and everyone’s anticipating the beginning of next year when they’ll “change everything” and “live life the way they want to” and other crap. So I’ve decided to make a short list of my personal gaming resolutions for the new year.

1.Platinum more than one game.

As a “semi-completionist” I like to collect almost everything and complete most of the challenges of any game I play. It’s not that I set out to not complete every achievement or get all trophies, it’s just that I usually need one or two trophies to fully complete most of my games. The problem is that these trophies are always the hardest thing to do, like survive God-knows-how-many-rounds in Advanced Warfare survival, or finish a raid in Destiny without anyone on the team dying or getting a few kills with a gun in Battlefield that no one tells you requires about a hundred hours to get.

So my first resolution for 2017 is to finally get the platinum trophy on a game, and then get the platinum trophies on more games after that. Basically, become the completionist that I was destined to be.

2.Improve my FPS skills.

This is something all of us gamers aspire to do, especially those of use who fall into the ‘mediocre’ category in first-person shooters, and play the campaigns on recruit “because we want to just see the story”. Those of us who take five or six games in multiplayer to start racking up kills. The problem isn’t that we’re unskilled (God forbid if anyone admits such a sin), no the problem is that the enemy team is too skilled!

So, come 2017 I’ll master FPS games far and wide, across all platforms and earn my seat on the ‘l33t’ table.

3.Get any progress on my backlog.

If you consider yourself a gamer, and are reading this article, you’re probably deep enough into games to know what the dreadful backlog is. The sad place that all unfinished games go to, to die. “I’ll finish it eventually” you keep telling yourself, while adding more and more new additions to it, like a digital laundry basket for all your dirty – games. Not to mention if you’re playing on console, you’re most likely subscribed to Playstation Plus or Xbox Live, and that guarantees about 4-5 games every month that excite you for about an hour tops before they inevitably end up on the backlog.

So starting tomorrow I shall start progress on my backlog of games and even if I don’t get most of the trophies, or complete all of them, I’ll still do my best to finish the games.

Those are my resolutions for 2017. 2016 is just about leaving so fare thee well, and let’s hope next year is just as good for games as this one was (or even better!).


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