An Hour With: Turning Point: Fall of Liberty

Another WW2 shooter? Oh joy. But wait, this is an alternate history WW2 shooter? Fair enough then! I thought I’d use this as a way to get through my backlog also, and what better way to do that than to play all the damned shooters I’ve bought.

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DOOM: The Review. Modern Classic or Just Another Shooter?

Titles that refuse to admit they are sequels must be the “self-titled white album” trend of the gaming industry. Xbox One, Tomb Raider, and now DOOM. Bethesda and id have had a pretty good track record when it comes to keeping an older series alive. Fallout, The Elder Scrolls and Wolfenstein are both great examples of taking franchises in exciting new directions and succeeding. Fallout and TES became the most popular and celebrated first person exploration/RPG games on the market, and Wolfenstein found its niche by being a FPS that stood out from the rest with a very unique story and unique gameplay/stealth mechanics. While these games have found a foothold in the modern gaming market, they did so by changing very fundamental pieces of the games in big ways. Players of the original Interplay Fallout games or even the 90’s Elder Scrolls games often find that the newer additions to their beloved franchises aren’t at all the same games they once were, relying more on combat and severely limiting dialogue when compared to the older games. This worked out pretty well, since it turns out mainstream gamers enjoy looking at pretty landscapes and shooting bad guys a bit more than engaging in tribal politics. With DOOM though, they took one of the biggest, baddest, most violent and most fast paced games ever made, and simply made a new, even more violent and still fast paced game where the goal is basically “shoot everything until it dies”. So, with a studio that has lost most of the minds that helped create the original, a poor showing at last years e3, and abysmal reception to the multiplayer beta, expectations were low and DOOM seemed, well, doomed (I’m so sorry). However, it’s finally here so we can answer the question, “Were they able to create a game worthy of it’s own name?”. Continue reading

An Hour With: Mirrors Edge

I quite recently purchased this game and planned to play it over the weekend. I played Wolfenstein: The Old Blood over the weekend instead. No matter, I’ll play it now and be back in an hour.

Right, well then. That was something else. You can take that as good or bad, if you want to find out what my opinion is (which you probably don’t) then click the “Read More” thing, if I remember to put the bloody thing in.

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King’s Quest Chapter 2: Rubble Without a Cause Review

In King’s Quest Chapter 2, King Graham (Christopher Lloyd) continues to recount the adventures of his younger self to his grandchild(ren). In chapter 1, he was simply an adventurer hoping to become a knight to the king, but in Rubble Without a Cause, he himself is now the King of Daventry. That doesn’t mean his adventuring days are behind him, though. After a quick intro showing that Graham was actually not that good of a king in his younger years, he and his friends who work in the town square are promptly kidnapped by goblins and taken into a secret cave illuminated by bioluminescent lizards and held as prisoners. For some reason, Graham is chosen by the goblins to perform their chores for them which means he is the only prisoner able to wander the caverns unsupervised. This of course means that he takes it upon himself to figure out how to break everyone out and get back to Daventry. Continue reading

Creed just might be my new favorite sports movie

That’s right, I’m actually writing about something other than games for once! I’m no professional movie critic, but I feel that Creed is a movie worth writing about. I just recently went to see Creed and came in with high expectations due to the surprisingly high Rotten Tomatoes score of 93% (I didn’t read reviews to avoid spoilers). Even with my high expectations, though, Creed surprised me and may now be my new favorite sports movie for a multitude of reasons. Warning: Spoilers ahead. Continue reading

A Really Fast Rundown of the 104 Backwards Compatible Xbox 360 Games

Alright, really quickly, here’s a list of I think all 104 games that are now backwards compatible, with a brief description of if you should buy it, download it or completely ignore it, throw your Xbox One out of the window and eat a tub of mint flavoured ice cream. Here we go! Continue reading

An Hour With: Codename CURE

See that image above? No, I didn’t get my grandparents dog to make that, it’s the logo for the game I played over the weekend. Codename CURE, a free to play, early access zombie game, which are becoming quite a common sight on the Steam Store right now. Go see the logo on Steam because I kid you not I’m not making this up. I haven’t seen this type of master class editing since Big Rigs: Over the Road Racing.

Diving right into the game, you’ll notice it was made on the handy dandy “Source Engine”, not a problem, some extremely amazing F2P games are made on that engine, such as the F2P, Zombie game No More Room in Hell. Keep note of that game, I’ll be comparing the two frequently throughout. I absolutely adore zombie games, from your Resident Evils to your Dead Risings and Left 4 Dead 2’s and especially No More Room in Hell. It gave the old, tatty, overdone genre just what it needed. A genuinely frightening and tense game that is at the same time a fun game to play with friends and strangers alike. Not Codename Cure though.

So, gamemode wise in this game, there is one gamemode, which is run to a bomb site, plant a bomb and escape. Think of “Zombie Panic Source” meets “Counter: Strike”, because that is literally what this game is. The game uses a lot of Half Life 2 and CS:S models for the zombies and player characters. There’s also a class system extremely similar to that of Counter Strike: Source’s layout of it all. (i.e instead of picking a different coloured terrorist, the one you pick in this game is like picking a class on Call of Duty).

Codename Cure, put simply, doesn’t sound like a good game. However play it and you’ll find it moderately enjoyable. I’m not saying you could sink hundreds upon hundreds of hours into this game, God no, it’s not that good. However it’s good with friends and it’ll keep you entertained for a good three or four hours. Now, let’s take a quick look at the other, F2P, not in early access zombie game on Steam. It’s honestly one of the best games I’ve played in a very long time. It’s suspenseful, forces you to work as a team and it’s got replay value. It actually captivated my attention quite quickly and I’ve enjoyed every second of gameplay.

I don’t think it’s fair to compare Codename Cure to No More Room in Hell because No More Room in Hell will win every single time. But does Codename Cure do anything good? Well, I mean, it can accidentally make tense moments. We had 30 Seconds on the timer to get to the helicopter and we had to run down a corridor, down a flight of stairs and through a yard with a load of crates in it. What happened is I shot my team-mates as friendly fire was on, to slow them down. The zombies went for those team-mates, I got to the helicopter, made it to safety and got myself a Steam Achievement which are about as useful as a chocolate teapot.

A similar experience was had on No More Room in Hell, we had to set the train off and the only way to do that was to pull a lever. Which was “guarded” by a large crowd of zombies. I hopped off of the train, hitting a few zombies as I barged through them, made it to the lever and pulled it. I was completely surrounded by zombies at that point, luckily I had a plan! I shot myself in the head. Also getting me a Steam Achievement, which, like I said, are as useful as a chocolate teapot. What you may notice is that NMRiH (No More Room in Hell) didn’t need a time limit to create suspense, whereas Codename Cure does.

Zombie games should have moments of suspense or just downright (heh, more like updownright) awesome moments. Codename Cure tries to do this but just fails completely fails at doing so. If you want some stupid fun with an awfully poor zombie game that will entertain you for a few hours then play Codename Cure. However if you want an extremely fun, teamwork oriented, sophisticated game that can provide you hundreds upon hundreds of fun, then play No More Room in Hell.

Either that or you can ignore the past 741 words and just buy a copy of Left 4 Dead 2.